Mobility Issues: Round Up

This month at Share Lawyers we’ve shared blog posts about mobility issues and disabilities. With a wide range of causes for mobility issues, resources for those with mobility issues, and other symptoms related to mobility issues, we’ve discussed how mobility issues can profoundly affect individuals.

Mobility Issues: Round Up

As part of our Round Up series, here is a list of our previous posts related to mobility and disability.

How Common Are Back Injuries and Herniated Discs?

The short answer - more common than you think. Back problems are one of the most common chronic conditions in Canada, with 4 out 5 adults experiencing back pain or injury in their lifetime. Herniated (bulging or slipped) discs occur when the jelly-like cushion between two vertebrae pops out of place and is jutted out into the spinal canal. This in turn puts pressure on the nerves, causing pain.

Feeling Unseen: Moving Through Life With An Invisible Disability

Invisible disability or hidden disability is an all-encompassing term for those with disabilities that cannot be immediately identified this can include: Chronic conditions such as Chronic Pain, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibromyalgia, Mental Illness, Epilepsy, Lupus, Lyme disease, or Endometriosis. According to the World Health Organization, over 15% of the world identifies with having a hidden disability.

Fibromyalgia Roundup

Although it is considered an invisible illness, people suffering from Fibromyalgia know that it is all too real. The widespread pain, cognitive issues, and fatigue make day to day life a challenge.

Invisible Disabilities and Mental Health

A large percentage of disability insurance claims are based on mental health problems and insurance companies have a number of typical methods to deny these claims. Workplace stress, major depressive episode, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to name a few of the most frequently cited conditions that form the basis for disability insurance claims.

Which Chronic Pain Illnesses Count as Disabilities?

It can be quite difficult to claim disability benefits when you suffer from chronic pain illnesses. This is because many of these illnesses are diagnosed through patient-described symptoms. To be eligible to receive disability benefits for any illness or disability, you need a medical provider to support that you cannot work. Sometimes it is hard to prove with objective medical evidence that you have a physical or mental condition that prohibits you from working. Things like x-rays or test results are key but can be very hard to get. For many chronic pain illnesses, there are no such items of evidence for a patient to present, only symptoms of pain and, to some extent, medical history.

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