What Are My Long Term Disability Benefits?

Long term disability benefits are a lifeline when illness or injury affects your ability to work. Sadly, social stigma causes some hesitation when it comes to utilizing LTD entitlements. Don’t fall into this trap.

LTD benefits are a purchase owed to you, not a handout. You have paid for them through your employer’s insurance benefits package, so these benefits belong to you. If you’re looking for clarity, Share Lawyers is here to help.

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What Are My Long Term Disability Benefits?

Simply put, disability benefits are the monthly payout you receive through your insurance policy when you cannot work for an extended period of time due to an injury or illness. LTD insurance provides a percentage of your salary if you cannot work due to a disability or disabling condition.

Should I Apply for LTD Benefits?

If you have disability coverage through your workplace and you are too sick or injured to continue working, you should! If your monthly payments for long term disability benefits are part of your benefits package through your employer, then you have paid for these benefits, which means that you are entitled to them.

How Share Lawyers Can Help

Navigating disability law can be challenging due to its complexities, and insurance companies often rely on this when denying legitimate claims. At Share Lawyers, we specialize in disability lawand use our extensive experience to advocate for our clients' rights to their LTD benefits. Our team will ensure that your insurance company fulfills its obligations.

How We Help

Understanding Your Rights

We ensure you are fully aware of your rights under your disability policy.

Understand Your Policy Details

We ensure you clearly understand the details of your policy.

Collect & Present Medical Evidence

We help you gather and present the necessary medical documents to support your claim.

Build a Strong Case

Our team creates a compelling case to prove your eligibility for benefits.

Deal with the Insurance Company

We manage all communication and negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf.

Provide Legal Advice & Support

We offer continuous legal advice and support throughout the entire process.

Maximize Your Chances of Securing Your Benefits

Our expertise will significantly enhance your chances of maintaining the disability benefits you depend on.


You gain access to our exclusive program, which provides legal support, job training, financial planning, mental health resources, physical wellness programs, and community integration assistance to help you rebuild your life after a disability.

Share Lawyers Fights for Your Rights

Partner with a law firm dedicated to fighting for your rights. At Share Lawyers, we understand how frustrating it is to be unable to work and to feel abandoned by your insurance company after a denial. For over 35 years, as Canada’s premier disability law firm, we’ve helped thousands obtain the benefits they’re entitled to.

We believe legal assistance should be accessible. That’s why we offer free consultations and don’t get paid until you do. Reach out today to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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