Long Term Disability Benefits With No Diagnosis

Every year, thousands of Canadians struggle with an injury or illness that prevents them from working. Long term disability benefits are designed to help during such times, but can you access those benefits without a diagnosis?

If your condition interferes with your ability to work, you can still be eligible for LTD benefits even without a diagnosis.

Seeking long term disability benefits with no diagnosis? Share Lawyers’ experienced team can provide clarity.

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Long Term Disability Benefits With No Diagnosis

It can be difficult to be approved for long term disability benefits without a diagnosis, but it’s not impossible with the right support. Here are some steps to improve your chances of being approved for your disability benefits when you don’t yet have a diagnosis:

Securing Long Term Disability Benefits With No Diagnosis

  • Detailed Symptom Documentation

Maintain a thorough record of your symptoms, including frequency, severity, and impact on your daily life and work.

  • Consistent Medical Care

Keep up with your healthcare professionals to document your condition and symptoms.

  • Specialist Referrals

Seek opinions from specialists who can provide detailed assessments and potentially identify the cause of your symptoms.

  • Functional Assessments

Undergo evaluations that measure your physical and mental limitations objectively.

  • Detailed Medical Reports

Ensure healthcare providers' reports detail how your symptoms impact your ability to work.

  • Non-Medical Evidence

Collect statements from colleagues, supervisors, friends, or family members about the impact of your condition on your ability to work.

  • Legal Assistance

Hiring an experienced disability lawyer to advocate on your behalf can significantly increase the odds of securing your benefits.

If the symptoms of your condition are severe enough to keep you from working, then you should be eligible for LTD benefits even without a diagnosis.

First, it’s critical to understand that while long term disability benefits are designed to provide a financial safety net when you’re sick or injured and cannot work, insurance companies routinely deny valid claims.

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Just because your insurance company has denied or may deny your claim due to a lack of diagnosis doesn't mean your condition isn't real. Many medical conditions can significantly impact your ability to work, even if they require ongoing investigations or don't have a definitive diagnosis.

This highlights the importance of having experienced legal representation.

At Share Lawyers, we understand the ins and outs of disability law and the strategies insurance companies use to deny claims. We can guide you through the complexities of the legal system and advocate on your behalf to secure your long term benefits without a diagnosis, even if one is never established.

Share Lawyers Fights on Your Behalf, Even if You Don’t Have a Diagnosis

If you’re facing a long term disability denial or seeking long term disability benefits with no diagnosis, don’t be deterred. You’ve paid into your insurance plan, and you’re unable to work, which means you rightfully deserve access to those benefits, even without a definitive diagnosis.

At Share Lawyers, we understand how frustrating it is to be unable to work and access your safety net. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping Canadians like you obtain the benefits you depend on. For over 35 years, we’ve channelled our passion into a proven track record of success, assisting over 8,000 Canadians in securing their benefits.

We work on a contingency-fee basis, so you won’t owe us anything until we secure your benefits. Let us handle the heavy lifting, help gather the necessary documentation, and fight for the benefits you deserve. It all starts with a completely free consultation.

Still need more information securing long term disability benefits with no diagnosis? A quick conversation with one of our lawyers will help you understand your situation and provide a path forward.

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