Long COVID Impacts the Brain, but it’s Not All In Your Head

In the Globe & Mail on Monday, April 10, 2023, Ralph Lewis, Matthew Burke and Ari Zaretsky published an opinion piece, “Long COVID highlights why we need to overhaul the term ‘psychosomatic”.

Newer research and a deeper understanding of brain circuitry has revealed an intricate explanation for the many cases of long COVID, which involve signs of illness that can be hard to detect. This more intricate explanation could provide a validating insight for those who are living with this condition and still have lots of questions.

“We now understand that a wide range of symptoms can be produced by biologically based abnormalities in the function, rather than the structure, of the brain. You might think of this as a problem of “software” rather than “hardware.” Software, or functional, changes in the brain can have many real impacts on the body’s hormonal, metabolic and immune-system functioning,” the article states.

Our long term disability lawyers have seen first-hand the impact of long COVID - both an increase in the amount of long term disability claims for long COVID and in denied long term disability claims for long COVID. Like many other invisible and subjectively diagnosed conditions, insurance companies often deny claims that do not have objective medical proof. We don’t think this is right, and will continue to fight back against the insurance companies who are not taking these conditions seriously.

Read the entire article here.

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