Lifestyle Changes After Heart Disease

Heart disease affects people in all walks of life, with men at higher risk at age 45 and up, and women 55 and up. There can often be very few signs that someone has heart disease and people can seem outwardly healthy until they have a major heart attack. Recent advancements in medical science have made it possible to get procedures and take medications to help prevent further attacks; however, for those with heart disease it’s not just medications that ensure a long and healthy life.

Heart Disease Lifestyle Changes

Take Bronwyn, for example. She was just 57 years old she suffered a major heart attack. When she woke up one morning, she was feeling tired and nauseous. Bronwyn she broke into a cold sweat she was convinced she had the flu, although she didn’t have a fever.

When she began to experience shortness of breath, her wife drove her to the hospital where the doctors told her she was experiencing a heart attack. Bronwyn soon had open heart surgery to clear two major blockages in her heart.

Since then, Bronwyn’s made some changes to her life and what she would have done before her heart attack and what she does now:

She Used To...

- eat fast food and fried foods more than three times a week.
- not exercise regularly and opt for the elevator or escalator when the option presented itself.
- get stressed out easily and not take the time for self-care.
- drink at least one beer every day, with 5-7 drinks on the weekends.

Now She...

- follows nutrition guidelines and heart healthy recipes to ensure she eats healthy, prepares more meals at home, and stays away from trans fats and junk food.
- does gentle exercise three times a week, takes the stairs, takes walks, and has a smart wrist device to track her progress.
- meditates, journals, and visits a therapist to take the time for herself and manage her stress. She also is conscious not to take on too much personal or professional responsibilities and has learned to ask for help when she feels overwhelmed.
- cut down on her alcohol consumption, now only has 1-3 drinks a month.

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