Laid Off From Your Job? Read This Before Signing Anything

In the Toronto Star on Thursday, March 2, Tara Deschamps published an article, “Review your rights before signing paperwork during a layoff: employment lawyers”.

It is important for those who have been laid off to explore their rights and ensure they are getting the most they can from their employer before signing any documentation or agreeing to any severance packages, the article explains. Signing a release may limit future claims, such as vacation days, bonuses, or expenses that may be owed.

“I would agree with the sentiment.” responds Nick Goldhawk, Employment Lawyer at Share Lawyers. “Once you sign to accept your employer’s offer, it becomes difficult or impossible for an employment lawyer to help you – even if you would otherwise have a legitimate claim.

I would add that employers may use different tactics to try to get you to sign a severance agreement without legal advice, such as creating artificial time pressures and suggesting that the offer is generous or gratuitous.”

Read the entire article here.

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