The Journey Through Searching For A Diagnosis: Celina’s Story

Celina had been a generally healthy person throughout her life. She worked as a healthcare administrator officer at a large hospital in Ontario for over 20 years, and raised two beautiful girls, now attending university on opposite coasts of the country. Follow her journey below.

When Celina started feeling a little more tired than usual, she thought she was just overworking herself. She went to her doctor who recommended she try getting more exercise, drinking more water, and eating healthier.

Celina took her doctor’s advice, but her fatigue became worse and during her workouts she started having shortness of breath. When she stood up from her chair at work, she would experience light-headedness.

Celina Went Back To Her Doctor

When she went back to her doctor, they attributed these symptoms to stress. Celina recently started experiencing a lot of anxiety with a management change at her new job, and was worried about her daughters being so far from home. She was living alone for the first time in a long time and missing her kids as well. Her doctor prescribed antidepressants in an effort to help level her mood.

After several weeks on the medication, Celina’s condition had not improved. In fact, it was getting worse. She was not only unable to exercise, but also would get winded on stairs and started experiencing swelling in her hands and feet.

She went back to her doctor and pressed them to do more than just blood tests. After she underwent an echocardiogram, she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a heart condition. She was immediately taken off the anti-depressants and put on beta-blockers. Her specialist also recommended that she stop working until her symptoms were under control.

Celina was relieved to have a diagnosis for her condition, but was now having to grapple with the long-term effects her condition would have on her life. She was able to consult with her cardiologist about monitoring her lifestyle choices to cope with her new limitations.

Celina's Short Term Disability Benefits Were Denied

Celina applied for her short term disability benefits and was approved, but a few months later when she applied for her long-term benefits the insurance company denied her. The insurance company said that her medical problems did not meet their definition of disability and that she should return to work immediately. Celina decided that her health was more important and that she should fight the insurance company, but she did not know where to turn. Celina went back to her cardiologist for advice and she referred her to Share Lawyers. After fighting with the insurance company for months, the team at Share Lawyers helped Celina to get her benefits. The insurance company paid her for all the time that she had been off work and several years into the future in order to give her time to adjust to her new lifestyle.

She reduced her salt intake, searching online for recipes specifically for those with heart conditions. She was having a difficult time finding a workout regimen that wouldn’t strain her heart or leave her feeling fatigued.

Finally Found The Right Exercise Routine

Finally, she was able to find the right physical exercise routine through information provided by the Heart & Stroke Foundation. She found that the stretching and range of motion plan was the best fit for her and her needs.

Celina also struggled with some daily tasks such as lifting heavy objects. She began using a grocery delivery service so she wouldn’t have to worry about carrying too much, and hired a cleaning service to do major cleaning like vacuuming and heavy scrubbing every few months.

Celina felt that her new physical needs were being met, but being a woman in her 40s who needed all this extra support was making her feel old. She felt isolated by her new needs. She began meditating and met with a psychiatrist, who helped her work through these feelings and suggested she start her workouts at a local community centre that was a short walk away.

Still An Emotional And Physical Journey

Celina is still dealing with the emotional and physical journey. She’s been using the resources available that enable her to live her healthiest and happiest life possible, focusing on taking it one day at a time. We at Share Lawyers are happy to have helped her on her journey.

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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