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It's always a pleasure to receive feedback from satisfied clients who have won their disability benefits. Recently, we received an outstanding review from Robert, who had nothing but praise for our team of lawyers. Robert expressed his immense satisfaction with working with us, explaining how our understanding and compassion exceeded his expectations. He went on to describe the incredible positive experience he had with disability lawyer Karen Koshman, and how impressed he was with its overall quality and value of our support.

Robert's experience with Share Lawyers

"I am so glad that you are out there fighting for people like me. Insurance companies are supposed to be there for us when needed! It was my insurance company’s idea to go on long term disability when my migraines started, and there’s no way I thought after that I would still be in so much pain after seven years.

I did explain to your lawyer Karen that I had a feeling something was up with my insurer after the first year of disability, and I started keeping every email to and from them . Meanwhile trying to find someone to find out what was wrong with me. That only caused me more frustrations in trying to keep my claim.

I’m not the type of person that would look into any lawyers to help me. Then I found Share Lawyers. On my first call with Share Lawyers you made me feel so welcome and you understood what was happening to me. You made me feel so comfortable, and I left it in your hands with no worries. I’m so glad that Share Lawyers is looking into how insurance companies are trying to pay out as little as possible. In a way to me, that shows that they acknowledge that I’m disabled, but they're not willing to pay out disability payments even though that’s why they are there and I’ve paid into them for years.

Thank you Karen and everyone at Share Lawyers for helping me. I will never forget what you have done for me. I will always recommend Share Lawyers to anyone I know that needs help in the same situation."

Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to share your positive experience. Feedback like this continues to motivates us to provide the highest-quality service to our clients. We're thrilled to hear that we've made such a significant impact in your life and helped you get your life back on track. We hope that others who read your review will be inspired to contact us and see the same benefits for themselves.

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