Here’s How We Win Your Case: Mediation

Most cases for denied disability benefits that our disability lawyers take on are settled in one of three ways: mediation, settlement meetings, or exchanging written offers.

In this blog, we're going to discuss mediation. Mediation continues to be the way most cases are settled by our disability lawyers. While insurance companies would prefer not to spend money on settling your case or paying for mediators, mediation continues to be the most effective way to get everyone involved in the case to focus on the case that is being considered that day—your case.

Our disability lawyers settle most cases through mediation

One of the great advantages of going to mediation is that we, as your disability lawyers, have a big say in whom the mediator will be. The mediator selection must be agreed upon between all parties in the lawsuit. By selecting a mediator with experience in your specific type of disability insurance claim, your case is given the best chance of settling during a productive mediation session.

Disability lawyers go through significant preparation to get your case ready for mediation. They want you to have the best chance at reaching a fair settlement in your case. By extensively understanding of the issues in your case, as well as both the positive and negative aspects of the evidence in your file, our disability lawyers are able to help you reach the best possible resolution of your claim at mediation.


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