How Can You Leave the Country on Disability?

Managing the uncertainties surrounding disability benefits can be complex, particularly when it comes to travel. Our disability lawyers encounter a common question: is international travel allowed while “on claim.” While the answer is generally yes, there are several crucial factors that must be considered before you leave the country.

Rest assured, Canadians receiving long term disability benefits can enjoy a much-needed break without violating regulations or putting LTD benefits at risk. However, it requires strategic planning and staying informed.

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How Can You Leave the Country While on Disability?

While on disability benefits, it's natural to be cautious regarding activities that might be perceived as potential threats to the validity of one's benefits, such as traveling or taking vacations.

In Canada, you can usually travel internationally while on disability without compromising your benefits, but it requires careful planning to adhere to your policy and medical guidelines.

Safeguarding Your Claim Before You Travel

Your first step is to consult your doctor and review your insurance policy or benefit booklet.. You’ll need to ensure your travel plans won't affect your ongoing treatment or worsen your condition, and you’ll need to understand any limitations on your ability to travel while receiving benefits.

Here are some essential points to consider:

Factors to Consider When Traveling on Disability
  • Medical Clearance
Obtain approval from your doctor to confirm your travel plans align with your ongoing treatment.
  • Policy Eligibility
Examine your insurance policy to determine if there are any restrictions on travel while receiving benefits.
  • Notification Requirements
Some policies may require informing the insurance company about extended travel outside Canada. You might need to submit specific documents, such as a detailed itinerary with dates and locations.
  • Prior Approval
If you plan to be away for an extended period, check if prior approval is needed, as some policies may not continue to provide benefits if you leave the country.

These steps will help you enjoy your travels without jeopardizing your benefits or health.

Surveillance & Social Media

Think twice about what you post online. In the digital era, insurance companies frequently use social media for surveillance.

Posting content that contradicts your disability claim could result in the termination of your benefits. For example, if you've asserted limited mobility but share photos of physically demanding activities during your trip, it could be seen as evidence against your claim.

Here are some important considerations:

  • Privacy Settings: Keep privacy settings on your social media accounts to limit who can view your posts.
  • Thoughtful Sharing: Be cautious about what you share online, as anything posted publicly could potentially be used against your claim.

Maintaining privacy and being mindful of your online presence can help safeguard your benefits.

If Your Disability Benefits are Cut Due to Travel

Even though international travel is usually acceptable while on benefits, what happens if your benefits are unfairly cut because of it?

If you’ve lost your benefits due to travel, reach out to an experienced disability lawyer immediately. Our team of disability lawyers will support you and protect your rights throughout the appeal process.

While you can usually travel internationally while receiving disability benefits in Canada, it's important to ensure your travel plans follow your policy guidelines and don't put your health at risk. If you're unsure, it's always a good idea to seek advice from a legal professional.

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