Frustrated With An Insurance Company: How to Support Your Patients With Their Disability Claim

Sarah, 38, has been seeing her family physician, Dr. Pham, regularly over the last few months for symptoms of Lyme Disease. Although Sarah is slowly improving, she thinks she had the illness for about two years before she was properly diagnosed, so her recovery has been slow. As a physiotherapist. Sarah spends a lot of time on her feet at a clinic. Due to her symptoms, including chronic pain and nerve damage, it has been increasingly more difficult for her to go to work.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is an illness caused by the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi that is spread through the bite of certain types of ticks. It has been present in Europe, Asia, and much of North America and is rapidly increasing in Canada. Individuals with Lyme disease face many challenges.

The disease may initially cause inflammation, rash, fever, chills, and swollen lymph nodes. If left untreated, Lyme Disease can cause chronic muscle and joint pain, arthritis, extreme fatigue and neurological, and cardiac disorders. Since tick bites are typically painless, many people may not know they have been infected until symptoms are present. If they are fortunate, their treating physicians will run the appropriate tests.

Lyme Disease Is Often Hard To Diagnose

Why does misdiagnosis happen? Often, physicians don’t know what they’re looking for. Symptoms can resemble the common cold or severe flu within the first several days of a bite and, contrary to popular belief, not everyone gets the telltale bullseye rash around the initial bite area. In fact, less than 50% of people with Lyme disease ever develop a rash, which many people use as a primary tool for diagnosis.

Diagnosis is made increasingly more difficult thanks to the long list of Lyme disease symptoms, all of which can occur over long periods of time from days to months and even years, These include but are not limited to unexplained hair loss, mild or severe headaches, seizures, facial paralysis, eye pain or swelling around eyes, oversensitivity to light, ringing in the ears, diarrhea, stiffness of the joints, and even shortness of breath.

There are well over 50 different possible symptoms of the disease, making it nearly impossible to diagnose for those who may not know what to look for. Everything can be made more complicated when the test results come back as false negatives. Additionally, since many of the symptoms are difficult to see visually, Lyme Disease is often considered an “invisible disability.”

Video: What’s An Invisible Illness

Frustrated By Insurance Companies

Sarah has group benefits through work and applied for long-term disability benefits while she was receiving treatment from Dr. Pham and recovering from her symptoms. However, Sarah’s insurance company has continued to deny her disability claims. The insurance company insists that Sarah does not have Lyme Disease and so they will not approve any long-term disability benefits.

As a result, Sarah has had to return to Dr. Pham several times so he can keep rewriting details about her medical information for the insurance company. Dr. Pham is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do to help Sarah. He is upset on her behalf because he feels like the insurance company is not respecting his diagnosis and approving her long-term disability benefits.

Dr. Pham thought that perhaps a disability law firm could help Sarah. He found out about Share Lawyers through a colleague and immediately referred Sarah to one of the disability lawyers there. They agreed to take Sarah’s case, which made her happy. She finally feels like there is some positive action. She knows that it will take time and that she needs patience, but she also knows that in the end, she will be able to get the benefits she deserves.

How You Can Help Your Patients With Denied Disability Claims

Many cases for denied disability claims can take over a year to be resolved, which means your patient is suffering through not only the ailment itself but also with the added stress of fighting with the insurance company.

More often than not, the patient keeps returning for help that you may not be able to provide, and the time arrives when the best thing you can do is refer the patient to someone that can actually help. The easiest way, is to refer the patient to a disability law firm with experienced long-term disability lawyers who can help support your patient during this difficult time in their life. That’s where Share Lawyers can help you.

At Share Lawyers, we have been focusing on Disability Law for over 30 years. We understand that the legal battle is not the only battle that the patient is fighting; they are also fighting a personal battle that is uncompromising. Refer your patients to a disability law firm that truly understands what the disability fight is all about, a firm that as part of our Life ReBuilder program, they make numerous patient resources available to help clients through the entire case with support and a faster success rate.

How Share Lawyers Can Help Your Patients

When you refer your patients to Share Lawyers you don’t have to deal with the patient time after time on your own as they battle with the insurance company over denied disability claims. You immediately give them access to multiple resources that will support the patient on numerous fronts, including multiple disability lawyers (not just one), additional medical resources that can help to verify and validate the disability claims, financial resources, plus a network of recommended support services and trusted physical and mental health therapists, all within a streamlined workflow that is built to accelerate the case progress.

It’s called Life reBUILDER™, exclusively from Share Lawyers. It offers unique add-on services to help rebuild a patient’s life and get them back on track. That is why we are truly different from other disability law firms.

Life reBUILDER™ offers much more to your patients than a long-term disability lawyer.

For more about Life reBUILDER™, please visit us at

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