Fibromyalgia Roundup

Although it is considered an invisible illness, people suffering from Fibromyalgia know that it is all too real. The widespread pain, cognitive issues, and fatigue make day to day life a challenge.

Like other invisible illnesses, Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose. And because Fibromyalgia affects such a small portion of the population, advocacy for those with the disease is scarce - especially in the legal system.

If you suffer from this chronic disease and want to apply for disability benefits, here are three blog posts that will educate you about Fibromyalgia and disability law.

Undiagnosed or Unrecognized Medical Conditions and Long Term Disability Benefits: Fibromyalgia

This post reviews the history of Fibromyalgia and disability law. Due to misconceptions and stereotypes in the past, Fibromyalgia was not understood as a real illness and sufferers did not qualify for disability benefits.

With time, education and perception have improved and now sufferers are able to win the benefits they deserve. However, there are still obstacles for claimants, so we provide our best advice for those whose disability claims have been denied. Learn more.

A Client Appreciates the Regular Updates

We consider this one of our most important blog posts about Fibromyalgia. It is a testimony from one of our clients, John M., who suffers from Fibromyalgia. John often experiences debilitating pain that makes just getting out of bed every morning a struggle. In this post we share John's positive experience with Share Lawyers. Read the testimonial.

Challenges Faced by Claimants with Invisible Disabilities

This post explores the difficulty of validating invisible disabilities in legal proceedings. Insurance companies go out of their way to discredit patients with disorders like Fibromyalgia. They claim that their illnesses cannot be documented.

We offer advice on gathering sufficient medical documentation to support your case and explain the difficulty of providing proof that a patient suffers from an illness defined by pain and discomfort. Learn more.

Educating yourself about Fibromyalgia and disability law puts you one step closer to being part of the solution for sufferers who are denied their insurance claim.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, contact Share Lawyers to learn how you can pursue the disability benefits you deserve.

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