Disability and Finding The Resources For The Day-To-Day

Facing a challenge like an illness, injury, or waiting for a diagnosis can take a toll on how you manage your life. New obstacles constantly arise, from the symptoms and healthcare itself, to your emotional and psychological well being, as well as figuring out new strategies for making your way through day-to-day activities.

Heather came to Share Lawyers when she was denied long term benefits after the long process of finding a diagnosis for her rare heart disease. It was an emotional feat to cope with her illness while waiting to get a definite medical diagnosis.

After Her Clam Was Settled, She Still Needed Disability Resources

After Heather’s case was settled by Share Lawyers, Heather still needed assistance with some activities.

Lifting heavy objects and climbing stairs often left her breathless and totally exhausted. Small chores, like grocery shopping, seemed monumental - but that didn’t get Heather down. She found unique ways to solve her problem.

Heather Used The Internet To Find Various Services

For groceries and other personal shopping errands, Heather used an internet search to help her find various services in her hometown of Calgary. She could order the items she needed either online or over the phone. These items were delivered directly to her home.

Sometimes she also felt too tired and sick to make a healthy meal for herself, and didn’t want to rely on unhealthy take-out food. She was able to find services which prepared either frozen or fresh healthy meals and delivered them right to her door. This option was much more affordable and healthy than standard delivery.

When she was up for it, she even felt like she could entertain friends and family without the stress of meal prep. It felt great to be able to do this, as she could sometimes feel too much like the “patient”.

Heather Could Focus On Her Health

Without the stress of shopping and running errands, Heather was able to focus on her health. Finding resources to take away the physical strain of running errands - which left her feeling tired and sick - she could ease that stress and go at her own pace, without sacrificing the things she needed.

If you are dealing with an illness or long-term disability, it’s important to remember that you are allowed - and every much need - to take advantage of the resources available to you to help you on your journey.

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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