Disability Denied. Now What?

Was Your Claim for Long Term Disability Denied? Now: What to Expect

The first question you’re probably asking yourself after your long term disability was denied is “Now what?” Navigating the complex legal system alone isn’t easy. If you’ve been denied your disability benefits for any reason, the most effective thing you can do is to contact a disability lawyer as soon as possible. You need a law firm that specializes in this field and can provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to fight against a big insurance company.

Was your claim for long term disability denied? Now what to expect

If your claim for long term disability was denied, what should you expect? After a denial, there are two broad paths to pursue your benefits:

Informal appeal

Legal case

  • Internal process: The same insurance company that denied your claim reviews it again

  • Restrictions: You may file up to 3 appeals, but always with the same people.

  • Often unsuccessful: Appeals can be time-consuming and often don’t change the outcome of your case.

  • Different process: Your case is moved to the legal department of the insurance company.

  • Restrictions: You have 2 years from the date of your denial to pursue your case

  • Resolution: While litigation sounds long and scary, people that have lawyers typically resolve their cases before they ever get to court and in a timely manner

Our answer to “now what?” after you’re denied disability benefits is simple: Gather your documentation and call an expert in disability law. The Share Lawyers team has been helping Canadians for over 35 years and we can talk to you—for free—about your situation.

Being denied disability benefits is common

The insurance industry is big business and a formidable adversary. They have a lot of power when your claim for long term disability is denied. Now what you need to do is even the playing field.

Take advantage of the professional resources available to you to understand your legal rights. Most importantly, just because your claim has been denied, you should not presume that your disability insurance claim is without merit.

The long term disability lawyers at Share Lawyers have helped over 8,000 people across the country over the last 35 years to secure the benefits that were initially denied. So, if you’ve been denied, don’t lose hope! We can provide you with a variety of resources to help you move forward with your claim.

Disability insurance is a benefit that most of us hope we will never use. In reality, however, many of us do. In fact, one in three people will experience disabling medical symptoms for 90 days or longer at least once before age 65. Circumstances, an illness, or an accident may leave us unable to work. It can be a very stressful time.

Accessing disability insurance

If your claim for long term disability was denied, now what happens is up to you. You may be unsure of your options and confused about what steps to take next. You may find the process daunting. You may even feel jaded, perhaps ready to concede defeat. Don't give up! There are options available to you.

You can visit our Denied Disability Benefits page to learn even more and see our recommended next steps if you have been denied. Our long term disability lawyers also recommend that you take our short quiz to determine if you have a disability denial case.

Denied your long term disability claim?

Contact Share Lawyers today and put our experience to work for you. Our 35+ years of experience can help you win your case against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and other insurance companies. We offer free consultations and there are no fees unless you win your case. Join us on Facebook and become a Top Fan for a chance to win each month.

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