What to Expect from the Disability Benefits Process

An unfortunate reality is that many Canadians may find themselves unable to work due to illness or injury, making it impossible to perform their job duties.

If you find yourself in this situation, disability insurance offers a financial safety net, providing a portion of your income to help bridge the financial gap during your time away from work. This helpful guide arms you with the information you need to understand the disability benefits process and ensure you receive your insurance benefits.

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What to Expect from the Disability Benefits Process

Navigating the complexities of disability law can be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect throughout the process can improve your chances of a successful claim and help alleviate stress.

This detailed guide outlines what to expect during the disability benefits process.

1. Initial Application


The saying “preparation prevents poor performance” holds true for the disability benefits process as well. Being well-prepared increases the likelihood of your insurance company approving your claim.

Start strong by creating a comprehensive collection of information that relates to your case.

  • Medical Documentation: Collect all your medical records, including doctor's notes, treatment plans, and any relevant medical history. These documents are essential to show how serious your condition is and how it affects your life.
  • Detailed Description: Clearly explain how your disability impacts your daily activities and ability to work. The more specific and detailed your explanation, the better your chances of having a successful claim.


Once you’ve compiled all the relevant information, it’s time to apply. To avoid delays, ensure all forms are complete and accurate. Then, submit your application to your insurance provider along with all supporting documents.

2. Insurance Company Response

After your insurance company reviews your application and supporting documents, there are three possible outcomes:


If your claim is approved, congratulations! You will soon begin receiving your benefits as outlined in your policy. To ensure that you maintain your benefits, regularly update your insurance company with any required medical information.

Request for Additional Information

The insurance company may require further medical information or require you to undergo an examination by an independent medical practitioner. Respond promptly to any requests for information to prevent further delays.


If your claim is denied, the insurance company will send a denial letter explaining the reasons. Common reasons include insufficient medical evidence, a change of definition, or the belief that you can still perform your job duties.

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Insurance companies often deny valid claims by using technicalities to exploit the complex nature of disability law.

However, even if your benefits were denied, this doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

3. Handling Denials

If your claim is denied, it’s important not to lose hope. You can take steps to have the denial overturned.

Review the Denial Letter

Carefully review your denial letter to understand the specific reason outlined for your denial. This will help you address any issues when you appeal it.

Gather Additional Evidence

Obtain further medical evaluations, expert opinions, and any other additional documentation that can be used to strengthen your case.

Appeal the Decision

While you can do this alone, seeking professional legal help is recommended as it increases your odds of success.

You must provide new evidence and documentation when you file an appeal with the insurance company. Include all the additional evidence and a detailed explanation of why the denial should be reconsidered.

Seek Legal Assistance

Legal representation from an experienced disability lawyer can be crucial in navigating the process and significantly improving your odds of success. Disability law is complex, and disability lawyers understand the intricacies of the law, insurance company tactics, and the evidence needed to build a strong case.

4. Legal Support From Share Lawyers

At Share Lawyers, we use our expertise to guide you through every step of the disability benefits process, ensuring you have the best possible chance of securing the benefits you deserve.

Our team provides comprehensive support from the initial application to handling appeals. We ensure that our clients receive the benefits they deserve, offering guidance every step of the way.

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