Changes to Endometriosis Diagnosis Promising for LTD Access

In the Globe & Mail on Tuesday, March 14, Health Reporter Wency Leung published an article, “Doctors optimistic new report will aid in diagnosing endometriosis”.

Survey data has revealed a 6-year delay between when patients first start to experience symptoms and when they are finally diagnosed with endometriosis. This delay in diagnosis can be extremely difficult for patients and their families, as pain and other symptoms worsen while they wait for a treatment plan. It's hoped this new report will reduce the amount of time it takes to receive an accurate diagnosis and allow individuals to access treatments sooner.

The findings of this new report can also provide more clarity around the complexities of symptoms associated with endometriosis, allowing medical professionals to better diagnose, educate and assist affected individuals. This represents an important step forward in improving the lives of all those impacted by this chronic condition.

This will also impact access to long term disability benefits for those struggling to manage their symptoms. Often, people living with the symptoms of endometriosis (but without the diagnosis) are denied disability benefits on the basis of not having enough medical proof. While a diagnosis is not necessary for a long term disability benefits application, it can be challenging to be approved without one. A plan for a faster diagnosis for endometriosis suggests easier access to much-needed disability benefits for those struggling with disabling symptoms.

Read the entire article here.

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