Can My Company Send Me to Get an Independent Medical Assessment?

Whether you’re in the process of applying for disability insurance benefits or if you’re already receiving them, it’s normal to ask yourself, “Can my company send me to get an independent medical assessment?”

Your insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical assessment (IME) to verify your disability. While you always have the choice to decline an IME, it’s essential to understand the impact of this decision.

Asking yourself, “Can my company send me to get an independent medical assessment?” Share Lawyers’ experienced long term disability lawyers have the answers you need.

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Can My Company Send Me to Get an Independent Medical Assessment?

Yes, your company can send you to get an independent medical assessment. While you are not technically obligated to oblige, declining an IME can drastically affect your disability benefits.

  • Declining an IME will not affect your situation if your claim has already been denied and you are not receiving benefits.
  • Declining an IME will likely affect your situation if your claim is still pending or if you already receive benefits. In these cases, your claim could be denied, or your benefits could be cut off.

Our disability lawyers highly advise attending any IMEs requested by your insurance company. Doing so ensures the seriousness of your medical symptoms is proven and helps safeguard your benefits from being compromised.

Key Takeaways


Share Lawyers can provide guidance if you're questioning whether your company can request an IME.

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Impact on Disability Benefits

The decision to decline an IME can significantly impact your benefits, depending on your current benefit status:

  • Denied claim: No impact.

  • Pending claim or receiving benefits: Risk of denial or benefit termination.

Advice on IMEs

Attending IMEs requested by your insurer is recommended. It validates the severity of your symptoms and protects your benefits.

Impact of Insurer’s IME on Benefits

Insurance-requested IMEs can make applying for disability benefits more complicated. Working with specialists who support your case can help address any differences in diagnoses and strengthen your application.

Can I Refuse To See the Doctor the Insurer Has Chosen for an Independent Medical Examination?

Yes, you can refuse, but the consequences of refusing need to be understood.

Refusing to attend an assessment while the insurance company continues to pay benefits could be seen as non-cooperation, potentially leading to the suspension or termination of disability benefits. If you have a valid reason for refusal, it's crucial to communicate it.

If the insurance company deems your reasoning as valid, they may consider arranging the assessment with a different assessor. If your benefits have been cut off or your claim denied, seek legal advice before attending any assessment.

How Will the IME Ordered by the Insurance Company Affect My Disability Benefits?

Applying for disability benefits can be complex, especially if your insurer disputes your claim. Regardless if your doctor supports your long-term disability claim, your policy might allow the insurer to assess the extent of your disability with their chosen doctor to determine your eligibility.

While this doctor must be qualified and the assessment reasonable, diagnosis discrepancies are common and can be concerning. Patients can alleviate concerns by asking their family doctor to refer them to a specialist aligned with their findings or relevant to their condition. Collaborating with a supportive family doctor and a concurring specialist can significantly strengthen your case against the insurance company.

Share Lawyers Helps You Navigate Disability Insurance Claims

Navigating a disability claim can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. We excel at negotiations and advocating for your rights, which is essential for cases involving IMEs. With our experienced disability lawyers, you'll get personalized guidance and representation tailored to your situation.

For over 35 years, Share Lawyers has helped secure disability benefits for Canadians just like you. With our reliable legal support, you can challenge denied claims, including those influenced by IMEs, and pursue the benefits you deserve—and you only pay when your benefits are obtained.

Still asking yourself, “Can my company send me to get an independent medical assessment?” We’ve got the answers you need.

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