Roundup of 10 Most Popular Disability & Employment Blogs

If you have a condition that prevents you from working, such as an injury, psychiatric disorder, or chronic illness, you may have considered going on short or long term disability. This is a big decision and means that you need to make a claim for disability benefits, which can most commonly be accessed either through an employer or a personal insurance policy.

The process of applying for disability benefits can be filled with many questions and is fraught with uncertainty and doubt. Looking for answers? This article is a roundup of our top 10 most popular blogs related to long term disability, disability claims, denied LTD benefits, and employment law, including answers to common questions about various medical conditions, medical treatments, how to obtain a diagnosis, how to find disability support, and more.

Travelling Do’s and Don'ts While on Long Term Disability?

Now that domestic and international travel restrictions are becoming more relaxed, many people receiving long-term disability benefits are asking important questions like, “can you travel while on disability?” or “can you leave Canada while on long-term disability?” This blog lists the things that you need to consider before traveling outside of Canada while on disability.

Constructive Dismissal Claims: Why They are Not Recommended by Most Employment Lawyers

A constructive dismissal occurs where your employer significantly changes some term of your employment or makes work so intolerable for you as to undermine the basic terms of your employment. In this blog, an employment lawyer explains why a constructive dismissal may not be the best option for an employee – even when some of these conditions may exist – and what some alternatives may be.

What are Ontario employees entitled to when permanently disabled from work?

Did you know that after a certain time period, an employer can terminate your employment even if you are off work due to a disability or medical condition? In Ontario, after two or more years on disability leave an employer may be able to dismiss you through “frustration of employment”, if no recovery or return to work is in sight. This blog explains what "Frustration of Employment" is and what you are entitled to if it occurs.

Can My Employer Force Me to Return to the Office?

As employers across Canada push for a return to in-office work, many employees have been seeking advice on their rights to continue working from home. Do employers have the right to bring you back to the office after so much time has passed? Does this violate your employment rights? This blog answers these questions and outlines three scenarios related to return to office in which employees may find themselves.

Netflix's Maid Addresses Addiction & PTSD

The new Netflix series Maid – starring Margaret Qualley – is winning accolades for its frank depictions of so-called invisible disabilities, such as addiction, abuse, PTSD, and generational trauma. This blog discusses why this type of depiction in pop culture is important.

Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds Opens up about Anxiety and Mental Health Challenges

Even Hollywood’s biggest stars can experience mental health challenges like the rest of us. In this blog Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds discusses his struggles with anxiety and how over-committing to work became a coping mechanism for him.

Which medical conditions qualify for disability benefits in Ontario?

According to statistics, nearly one-third of people who suffer from a severe disability continue to work. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering what qualifies for disability benefits in Ontario? This blog provides answers to that complicated question.

Surveillance and LTD Claims – Are Insurers Doing More Surveillance During COVID-19?

Insurance companies frequently hire private investigators to observe the activities – both online and off – of those who have made disability claims. But has this invasive practice increased or changed in the age of COVID-19? This blog examines some recent court decisions where surveillance played a key role.

Canadian Women More Likely Than Men to Experience Mobility Issues

Did you know that disability symptoms including chronic pain and reduced mobility are most commonly reported amongst women – and that these symptoms are often severe enough to impact their ability to work or result in them filing a disability claim? This blog examines some of the issues that Canadian women with disabilities and medical conditions face in the workplace.

Insurance Company Denied Benefits for an Eating Disorder

Cassandra received a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa – a serious eating disorder – but her long term disability benefits were denied by the insurance company on the basis that it was "something she was doing to herself.” This blog details a real case that started with a free consultation where our disability lawyers helped a client get the benefits they deserved.

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