Has Your Disability Benefit Claim Been Denied By Your Insurance Company?

Claim Denied By Your Insurance Company

This is a challenging situation to be in, and you might feel compelled to appeal the insurance company’s decision. While we recommend fighting for your rights if you feel you’ve been denied benefits you’re entitled to, we do not recommend following this course of action alone.

It’s easy to think that you’ll be motivated to do thorough paperwork and research to complete a successful appeal. What could be more motivating than seeking what is rightfully yours? Before going down this path it makes sense to consult experts. There are many reasons to hire a lawyer to assist with your disability claim.

Consulting with an experienced disability lawyer as soon as your claim is denied is the first step in determining if an appeal is right for you. You might find out that an appeal will not yield the results you want.

From there, a disability lawyer will navigate you through the jargon and best practices of pursuing your rights. Not sure what your insurance company means by “insufficient medical evidence”? Wondering what other medical information you can provide? Chances are, your legal counsel has seen this all before and will know how best to guide you through this challenging process.

Although no one understands your disability and its symptoms better than you, no one understands your rights and how to acquire what you’re legally entitled to better than a lawyer, especially one with experience in Disability Law. From exaggerating your symptoms to returning to work after being denied your claim, a lawyer will know what pitfalls to avoid to get the benefits you deserve.

When suffering from a long or short-term disability, the last thing you need is the stress of handling your disability insurance appeal on your own. Sadly, many people who are entitled to the disability benefits they were denied simply give in after too much frustration. The lawyers at Share Lawyers understand the ins and outs of Disability Law and will guide you through this process so you can focus on what matters: your health.

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