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A couple of years ago, we decided to focus some of our efforts in giving back to the community of Kids Help Phone. You can read more about them on their website. For us, the choice to support this organization was based on finding a non-denominational support network that provides much needed support for kids and teenagers in crisis. Kids who may not have anywhere else to turn and want and need the confidentiality offered by Kids Help Phone so that they do not feel judged when airing out their problems. Whether they contact Kids Help Phone about being bullied, abuse, mental health crises or just to talk, we feel that having this service available to young people may help them get the assistance they need early in life so that perhaps they will be better able to cope with day-to-day life as they become adults. As a law firm focusing on Disability Insurance claims, we see a lot of people of are facing depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress and a host of other mental health problems that frequently are grounded in a history of prior abuse or neglect that went untreated or unattended, making the problems in adulthood that much more acute.

Kids Help Phone Supported By Share Lawyers

Beneficial Resource

During the Annual Walk to Support Kids Help Phone this past spring, I recall discussing our reason with one of our former clients who came out to participate in the walk and I felt a sense of satisfaction in the response I got. I sensed that they felt that if they had a resource like Kids Help Phone available to them when they were younger, perhaps they would have been better equipped to deal with the challenges they had faced in their adult life. For our office, made up of an amazing team, we support this organization throughout the year with T-Shirt Fridays and other intra-office events. We can all unite behind this worthy cause and have a little fun along the way, knowing that Kids Help Phone will be there for our kids and the kids of our clients and the community in general, to do our little part to make a difference. Find out if you have a Disability Case.

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