Why I Do What I Do

The beginning of a new school year, and the re-opening of the Courts in the fall, is a good time to reflect on the motivation behind the day-to-day running of an insurance litigation law firm. While there are the obvious reasons that we all go to work every day, but when I look back over the past 30 years, the single biggest motivation for me is the difference our efforts make in the lives of the people we have the privilege to represent.

Motivation: Making A Difference

I have seen a lot of changes in the way legal services are delivered over the years, with the addition of technology and ever-present legal advertising, but the basic goal of helping people who are not able to make their way through the often complicated world of disability law stays the same. Assisting our clients in their legal battles with large insurance companies continues to be the main driving force behind what we do every day at Share Lawyers. Seeing the feedback we have received from clients over the years in testimonials, cards, and appreciation keeps us striving to achieve the best results we can for our clients. Those words of thanks are the greatest encouragement to our team, including any constructive suggestions about how we can continue to improve our service to provide the best possible client experience. Providing vindication for people who thought they had no chance of recovering anything is the core theme of our firm. Knowing that the funds that we have helped recover will help someone get the treatment they need, or be able to return to school to re-train, or to assist their children further their education. These are compelling reasons for us to work hard to recover the best outcomes we can for our clients. Helping people so that they can try to find the inner strength to continue their struggles to find better health, and also to provide as best as they can for their families is what we strive for. At the end of the day, we are people trying to help people, by using our professional experience and skill to level the playing field. Find out if you have a Disability Case.

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