Why Exaggerating Your Symptoms Can Result in a Denied Disability Claim

You have a medical condition that is legitimately disabling. You're preparing a claim to submit to your insurance company. A lot is riding on this: your health, your finances, your future. You've heard insurance companies have high denial rates and worry they will deny you like they have so many others. Learn how to avoid a denied disability claim.

Denied Disability Claim Due To Exaggerating Symptoms

It's at this point that you might be tempted to exaggerate your symptoms. However, it's important to remember that if the insurance company finds out, your claim will be immediately dismissed with little chance of appeal. Your claims adjuster has years of experience handling disability claims. He or she is eager to weed out what they consider to be "invalid" claims. Don't attempt to outsmart the powerful insurance company; they've heard it all. Instead, arm yourself with legitimate proof to support your claim, and don't allow feelings of fear and intimidation to get the best of you. This way you've done your best to avoid a denied disability claim.

Strong Support & Follow The Rules To Avoid A Denied Disability Claim

The truth is that if you have strong support from your medical doctors validating that your disability prevents you from working. As well, you have followed the claims submission process as outlined in your insurance policy, you have a valid case. All you can do is present the facts and hope that your insurer lives up to their end of the bargain. If you do receive a denial, that's when you need to hire a lawyer experienced in the area of disability law to fight for your benefits on your behalf. Be proud of yourself for being honest and following the rules. Remember, that with our help, you will get what is rightfully yours. Has your long-term disability claim been denied? Contact Share Lawyers and put our experience to work for you. We offer free consultations and there are no fees unless we win. We have recently settled cases against Manulife, Industrial Alliance,RBC, Sun Life and many more.Find out if you have a Disability Case.

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