What to Do in Ontario in the Fall

Even though we all love summertime, there is so much to love about the beautiful Toronto fall weather. We are so fortunate to have four different seasons to celebrate in Canada. Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons. ~Jim Bishop

Hear what some of our staff had to say about their fall favourites:

  • “Camping in Algonquin, driving the Hwy 60 corridor through the Park. The colours are never anything less than spectacular, something I never get tired of.” – Volker Triebe
  • “I love going for long walks in the country. The leaves are beautiful and it is very peaceful and relaxing.”- Wendy Share
  • “Walking the dog, and watching her bark at all the neighborhood Halloween decorations, and getting my kids ready for trick or treating is always a treat.” – Steven Muller
  • “Going for a long hike and photographing nature’s beauty; very relaxing and makes you appreciate the simple things in life.” - Sule Ozcan
Of course, going outside isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and luckily, between filling up on warm drinks and the annual Toronto Film Festival, there is plenty to do indoors with loved ones at this time of year.
  • “I love Thanksgiving weekend at the family cottage. Family time in my favourite place in my favourite season - what's not to like?” – Alison Gilmour
  • “This fall, I loved watching the Jays Games. It was great having the Blue Jays in the playoffs after 22 years!” – David Share
  • “I like to go apple picking to bake apple pies. It’s nice to enjoy with family and friends over conversation.” – Joy Nastaskin
  • “It’s the perfect temperature for men and machines! I love going for a long drive!” – Tarun Singh
What do you love about the fall time in Toronto? Have any favourite places to get Apple Cider? We want to hear from you! Have questions about your disability claim or want to find out if you have a case. You've come to the right place!

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