The Best Easy Winter Walks in Halifax

Just because it’s wintertime in Canada, it doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and get moving! Canada is a country full of beautiful natural scenery, with stunning walking and hiking trails in every province. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced outdoor adventurer, these easy winter walks are the perfect way to enjoy the cold temperatures.

Please be sure to check the weather and trail conditions before you venture out, especially after heavy snowfall or rain.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Crystal Crescent Beach

Crystal Crescent Beach is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. This coastal hiking trail is nearly ten kilometers long, connecting multiple white sand beaches while traversing a spectacular coastline sprinkled with granite boulders.

Point Pleasant Park

Located on the south end of the Halifax peninsula, this historic 75-hectare woodland features 39 km of easy, criss-crossing trails. Point Pleasant Park lives up to its name as a great spot for walking or relaxing, plus much of the park is wheelchair-accessible. The iconic park also features historic ruins, picnic benches, public restrooms, and gorgeous views of Halifax Harbour and the nearby Northwest Arm.

BLT Trails

The Beechvile-Lakeside-Timberlea Trail boasts flat terrain that crosses through several communities on its way, making it perfect for a winter walk. You can even choose whether you want to walk along a river, through the forest, or beside a lake.

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