How Soon After a Denial Should I Get in Touch with Share Lawyers?

People contact us at various stages of their claim process, but where your claim has been denied, we encourage you to contact us as soon as you have received a denial letter or e-mail advising you that your benefits are being denied or terminated. Usually these denials advise that you have a right to appeal these decisions within a specified time. In our experience, most people find these denial letters upsetting and confusing with respect to the applicable deadlines to appeal or dispute the decision that has been made.

Do Not Delay

Our best advice is to not delay contacting us when your claim has been denied. The initial call or e-mail to our office is free and once you have provided us with a sufficient amount of information we can discuss the next best steps for you.

Denial Letters Can Be Confusing

Regarding deadlines, as I have said earlier, the information in the denial letter can be rather confusing and it is important to be sure that you haven’t missed any deadlines that could prevent you from being able to pursue your claim. Very often the denial letter says you must appeal within 30 – 60 or 90 days and provide additional information from your doctors in order to have the insurance company reconsider their decision. These deadlines are not usually written in stone, but they should not be ignored if you intend to proceed with your claim.

Deadline For Taking Action

The ultimate deadline for taking legal action is usually longer than 30-90 days that is sometimes mentioned in an insurer denial letter. In Ontario, for example, the Limitation Act, indicates that the limitation period is 2 years in most matters, including disability claims. It is a good idea to err on the side of the earliest possible date rather than the outside date to avoid missing any deadlines. The date that the 2 years runs from can also be confusing, and to understand what the limitation period is in your particular case you should consult with a lawyer so that there are no surprises.

In short, the sooner you contact us following a denial from the insurance company the better so that you don’t prejudice your claim due to a missed deadline.

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