Right to Disconnect in Ontario

Many media sources are sharing an over-simplified understanding of a new employment law in Ontario. "It's now officially legal to sit back, relax and ignore those pesky work emails outside of office hours," claims blogTO.

"Ontario recently passed a "right to disconnect" law that went into effect last week, requiring employers with over 25 employees to have a written policy that allows their employees to disconnect outside of office hours — that includes not responding to emails, phone calls, video calls or sending messages — essentially being free of work-related responsibilities outside of work," they state.

This is an important reminder to be very careful about where you get your employment advice.

Despite this misleading information, there is NO right to disconnect in Ontario. Employees following this advice could get themselves in serious trouble with their employers. The new law only requires employers to adopt a disconnecting from work policy, but at least so far, employers still have almost absolute discretion over what the policy will say.

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