Recommended Movies and Shows From Share Lawyers Clients!

Sometimes when dealing with an illness, injury, or disability, this can be an all-encompassing force in our lives. But as we know from talking with our clients at Share Lawyers, it’s important to practice self-care, which for many folks that can mean taking some time to relax and escape into another world-- and one way can be through our favourite movies and TV shows!

Our Client Erica's Favourite Movies

Our client Erica ‘s favourite film is Erin Brockovich, based on the real life story of a woman working on a legal case against a reckless company who endangered the lives of its employees and caused various illnesses and deaths through poisoning the local water supply. “They movie Erin Brockovich really inspires me,” says Erica.

 Recommended Movies and Shows From Share Lawyers Clients!

Tom's Favourite TV

Tom likes to watch Daystar TV or Vision TV as it gives him a sense of strength and resilience. For him, its a way to stay out of a negative frame of mind, with the faith-based programming connects with him, “I’m usually watching Daystar TV orVision TV. Programming focused on strength.”

Nina's Favourites

There’s a real value in catharsis, and that’s true for Nina. She loves watching the procedural crime dramas Criminal Minds and Law & Order. Who doesn’t love a crime being solved through forensic evidence and watching the dramatic court cases unfold (as lawyers, perhaps we’re a little biased on this one). But for Nina, it’s not just the crime shows that are her favourite, “What A Wonderful Life is one of my favourite movies.” Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

When it comes to enjoying film and TV, we want to thank our clients for sharing their favorite choices!

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