What Paperwork Do I Need to Bring to Meet a Lawyer?

At Share Lawyers, we know how intimidating it can be to meet with lawyers and legal professionals for the first time. Our clients often ask us about what paperwork they need to bring to our initial meeting and why they need to present it. In order for our team to get acquainted with your case, we'll need you to gather some supporting documents. If you're pondering what to bring or what to send to us for your first meeting with Share Lawyers, this article lays out the basics.

What Should I Prepare?

How much paperwork you have to bring to the first meeting with our legal team depends on your situation. In some cases we may only need to see the denial letter from the insurance company - in other cases, we might need to see your disability policy as well. We always try to keep the initial process as stress-free as we can and do our utmost to ensure that there is no added strain or hassle.

How Do I Organize My Paperwork?

Your paperwork can be organized in the way that is easiest for you to explain it to the lawyer. If you need some ideas on how to organize your paperwork, take a look at this blog post.

Why Do You Need This Information?

Your initial paperwork is only used for the lawyer to gain an initial understanding of your case. Once you hire us, we will request further documentation from your employer, doctors, and insurance company as needed. Please do not request information for our meeting.

We hope that this article helps you better prepare for your first meeting with our legal team. We’re here to help, but it's a group effort and we need you to be organized and use your time with us wisely in order to be successful in our efforts. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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