Memorable Cases: The Disabled Professional

At various times in our lives we all rely upon professionals, such as doctors, dentists and accountants, to help us with situations that require professional help. It is easy to forget that these professionals are also people who can get sick, and need to fight for their disability benefits too. Read one of our many memorable cases of a disabled professional.

The Disabled Professional Is One Of Share Lawyers Memorable Cases

Insurance companies don’t discriminate when it comes to claims that get denied. We see claims denied across the full range of occupations in our society. Over the years we have represented many professionals in their battle to recover their disability benefits.

Disabled Professional Diagnosed With A Neurological Disease

One such memorable case involved a disabled professional who was diagnosed with a neurological disease that meant he would not be able to continue with his practice. In fact, in planning for his future, he had already made the decision to sell his practice and, at the same time, submitted a claim for his disability benefits. The policy he had was designed to pay the benefits if he was unable to do the essential duties of his own occupation, as a professional.

The insurance company tried to suggest that his choice to sell his practice was a lifestyle choice as he wished to retire. They didn’t dispute that he had been diagnosed with a debilitating neurological illness, but believed that it was not so advanced that he couldn’t continue to work in his profession for the foreseeable future.

Share Lawyers Challenges The Insurance Company

As his lawyers, we needed to persuade the insurer that his choice to sell his practice was made with the appropriate concern for the safety of his patients, as to continue to work with the neurological illness was potentially putting his patients at risk. While the policy he had was supposed to pay him a monthly benefit, he preferred to negotiate a lump sum settlement. He did not wish to continue to have a relationship with an insurance company that didn’t give any credence to his planning and he had lost trust that they would treat him properly in the future.

Cases like these underscore that even the best planning cannot necessarily guarantee that all of the things we put in place will work the way we expect them to. However it should at least be reassuring to know that by hiring an experienced disability insurance lawyer, you can challenge the decisions made by the insurance company to deny your claim.

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