Knowing You Are Not Alone: How Share Lawyers Are There For You

Living with a disability or injury can be intrusive to anyone’s life. Dealing with constant pain or illness makes it difficult to focus on meaningful experiences and the feeling of being unable to work is devastating. Share Lawyers are there for you.

When insurance claims are denied, the task of dealing with an insurance company and handling claims to fight for your right to wellness - on top of managing with the daily challenges of your disability - can feel insurmountable.

Unable To Work Due To Chronic Back Pain

Martine was unable to work due to chronic back pain - her injuries were a constant presence in her life. Her ability to support herself was stripped away when she was unable to continue her work as a bank teller.

To her dismay, she was informed that her short and long term disability insurance claims were denied and she would not be receiving any support during the time she was unable to work. Martine felt helpless.

Unsure of how to proceed without any benefits, she came across an advertisement for Share Lawyers. At first, she felt reluctant to contact the firm because the insurance company’s denials of her requests seemed so final. However, she contacted Share Lawyers and was able to find a team of people willing to fight on her behalf for the benefits she deserved.

“My biggest memory is how scared and uncertain I felt about taking action against my insurance company. Yet, after my first meeting with Samantha Share, I left feeling reassured and confident that I had made the right decision. That feeling stayed with me throughout my experience.”

Share Lawyers Was Able To Help

Feeling isolated is often a symptom of living with a disability, but Share Lawyers demonstrated that we were there for Martine. “The staff was consistently friendly and helpful. My calls were always answered or returned, and they always had answers to any questions I had. I never felt like I was a burden to anyone.”

Share Lawyers worked with medical professionals and her employer to create a strong case against the insurance company, demonstrating how Martine’s pain made her unable to work. Martine was shocked and relieved when the firm was able to reach a settlement that provided the resources she needed.

“I was astonished by the results. They completely exceeded my expectations. Everyone at Share Lawyers is doing what they do at the highest standards.”

We are proud to know Martine felt she received the support she required. Remember that however daunting the prospect of taking on your insurance company may be, Share Lawyers is here to work for you.

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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