Did You Know: Managing Chronic Pain

After a diagnosis of chronic pain, treatment usually changes from trying to figure out why the pain exists to trying to manage its symptoms. Through conversations with our clients and research of our own, we have compiled a list of popular pain management treatments for chronic pain.

Share Lawyers - Did You Know: Managing Chronic Pain

Management Treatments for Chronic Pain

Meditation & Massage

Relaxation and other mind modifications can have a beneficial impact on managing pain. Holistic treatments such as massage and acupuncture may be beneficial as well.

Pain Shots/Trigger Point Injections

A steroid (sometimes sterile salt water) gets injected into tense areas of muscle by a medical specialist, causing the muscle to relax. Patients who suffer from chronic migraines can also get botox injections that will block communication from the nerves to the muscle. Patients with this treatment usually have to go for multiple treatments.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

An RFA sends a current through a targeted nerve, causing that nerve to either be damaged or destroyed. This is frequently used for people with arthritis and lower back pain.

Oral Medications

This is probably the most common form of treatment, varying from anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and opioids. It's important to have the right drug and dosage managed by a medical professional, since addiction, overdose, or medical dependency can occur.

Medical Marijuana

Patients find that consuming doses of marijuana can have beneficial effects. Much like the oral medication, it's best under the right dosage managed by a medical professional, and from a medical marijuana clinic.

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