Kirsten Dunst: Dealing With Depression

When you’re a beautiful, successful, and talented Hollywood actress, it may seem from the outside that your life is perfect. Ten years ago, however, that was not the case for Kirsten Dunst. The Fargo actress went through a difficult time in her late twenties and sought help at the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah.

Although the facility has provided drug and alcohol treatment for many actors, Dunst checked into the clinic because she was struggling with depression. In an interview with The Sunday Times, she explained further. "I feel like most people around 27, the s--t hits the fan," she stated. "Whatever is working in your brain, you can't live like that any more mentally. I feel like I was angry. You don't know that you are repressing all this anger, it wasn't a conscious thing."

Dunst, who rose to prominence in 1994 after her role as child vampire Claudia in Neil Jordan’s Interview With the Vampire, appeared in 30 films over the next two decades. The grueling schedule seemed to have taken an emotional toll on the young actress and by her late twenties she was exhausted. “I think most people in their twenties go through some sort of depression,” she told New York magazine in 2010. “If you’re successful at a young age, no matter the profession, there has to come a time when you reevaluate everything, what it means to you. Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

For Dunst, this meant addressing her depression instead of continuing to ignore it. “You grow up in a business where there’s a lot of people-pleasing,” Dunst explained. “It’s hard to be firm in your own ground and not be afraid to rock the boat. I was swallowing a lot of stuff … In my relationships and personal life I absorbed things from other people, and then because of what I do for a living, I had to keep giving. It can dissolve you.”

Fortunately, Dunst had the ability to seek treatment as well as the support of her family. "It's hard to talk about such a personal thing, but it is important to share too," Dunst says. "All I'll say is that medication is a great thing and can really help you come out of something. I was afraid to take something and so I sat in it for too long. I would recommend getting help when you need it."

Mental Health and Disability Benefits

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