Four Tips that will Make Your Mobility Disability Feel More Manageable

From Lyme Disease to Fibromyalgia, there many medical conditions that can restrict your movement and limit your strength without making any visible impression on the body. As a result, Mobility Disability, or Impairment often goes undiagnosed and unrecognized, which means that many people with legitimate medical claims don’t get the help and support they deserve.

While it’s our job to make sure your claim is accepted, there are plenty of things you can do to take control before we come into the picture. We know that Mobility Impairment can make everyday obstacles feel insurmountable. Here are some tips that can help make everyday tasks more manageable and help get your world back to normal.

Disability Tips

Get your groceries the easy way

Four Tips that will Make Your Mobility Disability Feel More Manageable

Many people take it for granted, but the weekly trip to the grocery store is one of the heaviest errands in the average person’s workweek. Whether you’re picking up a carton of milk or a large bag of potatoes, those pounds add up. For those with Mobility Impairment, an essential task like dinner prep can feel like a Herculean challenge.

Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest errands to outsource. In addition to subscription services that will deliver boxes of fresh produce, fresh meat, or healthy snacks on a regular schedule, an increasing number of grocery stores - including major chains like Loblaws - now offer onlineshopping and deliveryservices. Check with your local grocer to find out what kinds of options they provide. Chances are, they’ll be happy to bring your shopping list to you!

Make sure your house feels like a home

When dealing with Mobility Impairment, basic household chores often fall by the wayside. That can take a toll on how you feel. Those piles of laundry and stacks of dirty dishes are a constant reminder of the disruption on your life.

That’s why it’s so important to find a good cleaningservice (or at least some friends and family members that might be willing to pitch in). Eliminating the clutter will allow you to take control of your living space, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

In transit

Mobility Impairment makes it more difficult to get around, and that can have an adverse effect on other areas of your life, including work, errands, and your social calendar.

Most public transit systems offer accessible stations and vehicles that cover a wide metropolitan area. Learning to navigate the routes closest to your home can make your neighbourhood feel much more compact.

If public transit is not an option, it’s worth seeking out one of the manycabcompanies that provide door-to-door service to those with disabilities. These companies offer affordable flat-rate and by-the-hour pricing depending on your destination(s), getting you where you need to be.

Don’t be afraid to talk

Mobility impairment can be a huge drain on your mental health. While the above steps can restore a sense of normalcy, depression can still set in when you feel like your health is impacting other areas of your life. Make sure you take care of your mental health. Speaking to a therapist or a support group is a great way to alleviate the mental strain that often accompanies a physical disability.

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