Fired After Cancer: Jeff’s Story

For most Canadians 2020 was an impossibly difficult time, but few had a year quite like Jeff’s. As a financial analyst, Jeff quickly transitioned to a work from home setup when his office closed its doors in March. In April though when he began to feel unwell, Jeff worried that he had contracted COVID-19 despite barely leaving his home. He was puzzled when his test results came back negative yet he continued to feel ill. After he collapsed at home, his family rushed him to the emergency room where tests revealed a much scarier diagnosis - lymphoma.

Doctors explained to Jeff that his condition was very serious, and they set out a treatment plan right away. Instead of spending the following months indoors, Jeff was transported back and forth to the hospital for radiation and chemotherapy treatments in order to save his life. Thankfully after a successful stem cell transplant earlier this year doctors confirmed that Jeff was finally cancer free, and able to return to work full time.

Yet while Jeff’s cancer may have been gone, his doctors had not accounted for the after-effects of his grueling cancer treatments. Jeff attempted to return to his position at the firm, but quickly realized that he was no longer able to perform like he had before he took ill. While once a wizard with numbers, Jeff began to find spreadsheets confusing, and financial reports overwhelmed him. Friends in treatment had warned him that there would be some ‘chemo brain’ after chemotherapy but he was surprised that things were this severe.

When Jeff brought up the matter with his manager, he was alarmed at their reaction. Formerly a friend and colleague, his manager was now accusing him of ‘faking’ his symptoms in order to gain sympathy from the team. Jeff was shocked. He was already disappointed in himself for his lingering symptoms, and could not believe that he now had to contend with a hostile workplace as well.

Jeff was unsure of his options, but thought that a disability lawyer may be able to offer guidance. A friend recommended Share Lawyers, who had a consultation with Jeff and explained his options. The lawyer explained that based on his symptoms, Jeff could re-apply for long term disability (LTD) benefits, which would compensate him financially with a portion of his salary while he continued his recovery. The lawyer explained what medical documentation would be required, which Jeff agreed to provide, but also warned that his claim may not be successful on the initial try.

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Jeff’s disability lawyer was indeed correct. His long term disability benefits provider rejected his claim for benefits, but what happened next left Jeff truly stunned. Despite over a decade with the firm of excellent performance, Jeff’s employment was terminated. He was only offered a small severance package, and his employer claimed that if his benefits were denied then there is no reason that he should not have been able to perform in the role. The double hit left Jeff feeling dejected - he had just survived cancer and now felt as though he was being beaten down all over again.

Thankfully when Jeff phoned his lawyer at Share Lawyers, they swung into action. They explained that not only could they fight the denial of his benefits, but they could also file a claim against Jeff’s old firm for wrongful termination. After explaining their plan of attack, Jeff agreed, and felt a renewed burst of energy. Thankfully Share Lawyers was successful in both claims - Jeff had his long term disability benefits claim approved, and his lawyer successfully secured a far more favourable exit package from his employer. Today Jeff is focused on his recovery, without the added stress of worrying about his finances.

At Share Lawyers we have over 30 years of dealing with disability claim denials. Contact us today to set up a free consultation with our team.

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