Favourite Summer Moments and Preparing for Fall

Another summer is coming to an end in the city. It's hard to believe it's already September, and as we close in on cooler weather, it's easy to get a bit melancholy. However, part of the fun of summer is looking back on all the memories and good times that you had over the past few months. You likely had plenty of fun with friends and family, with lots of experiences and fun stories to share. The Share Lawyers team had a fun and exciting (and busy!) summer, exploring and experiencing some great moments in and around the city.

We asked what their favourite moments of the summer were, and this is what they had to say:

  • "Canada Day at the Blue Jay game is definitely up there, as well as watching the sunset over Lake Huron, on the beach at Goderich" - Volker Triebe
  • "Finding some time to sit in the shaded backyard and enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon, writing (yes handwriting) to my pen pal." - Shira Bernholtz
  • "Becoming grandparents!"- Wendy and David Share
We're now in that great transitional time between summer and fall, which can be a blessing in disguise. Seasonal shifts in weather can be a sign for us to shift as well, changing our routines and preparing for new experiences. This transitional time is great for self-care and awards a chance for a fresh start as the days start to cool off. Spending time with family and friends is thankfully one of the best parts of summer that doesn't have to end as the temperatures dip. With wonderful holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween approaching, it's a great time to see your loved ones, maybe get a bit crafty, and enjoy each other's company. The Share Lawyers team also spent much of the summer with their loved ones, and many told us that creating those moments together enhanced their experiences tenfold.

More favourite moments included:

  • "Canoeing in the Kawarthas." - Steven Muller
  • Spending time with friends and family on a patio. - Joy Nastaskin
  • "Visiting Whistler! I enjoyed driving up the Sea to Sky Highway, the gondolas and the freezing glacier in middle of summer. It was all a new experience for me." - Tarun Singh
  • "Sitting on the dock at the cottage and enjoying the sunset with our visiting exchange student - seeing her understand why we put up with the long drive." - Alison Gilmour
The Hilton Head Island blog has some savvy wellness tips for you to celebrate summer, but we say that the more fun is planning for fall! Cozy scarves, leaves changing colour, and certain beverages and scents are back in autumn, and we can't wait. Thanks to the Share Lawyers Team for sharing some of their favourite moments! What was your favourite summer moment? Find out if you have a Disability Case.

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