Choosing a Lawyer for your Long Term Disability Case

There was a time that people with a denied disability insurance claims appeared to have no options for legal representation. Most lawyers required payment up front and there were no assurances regarding the outcome of the case or how much it would cost, win or lose.

Fast forward to 2015 and there appear to be an unlimited number of lawyers prepared to take on your case, with nothing to pay unless money is recovered for you. How do you make a choice with no many apparent options?

Long Term Denied Disability Case | Sharelawyers

Here are some guidelines to help you with making a choice:

  • How much experience does the law firm have in handling these type of claims?
  • Does the firm handle other types of legal matters?
  • Do any of the lawyers have experience working at a disability insurance companies?
  • Is the firm respected within the disability insurance field?
  • Do former clients provide positive feedback about the experiences they had with that firm?

If your disability insurance claim has been denied, I invite you to thoroughly review the SHARE LAWYERS website and our other online content to satisfy yourself that we meet all of the above points.

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