Celebrities and Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction does not discriminate. People from all walks of life, including different economical, social, or educational backgrounds, can experience gambling addiction or pathological gambling.

The impulse-control disorder causes those affected to continuously gamble despite harmful or negative consequences. It can disrupt your family life, work, and relationships, and often occurs hand-in-hand with other substance abuse or mental health issues.

Celebrities are not immune to the consequences of problem gambling or gambling addiction. A common mythwhen it comes to compulsive gambling is that it’s not an issue if the person has the financial means to support their habit – but this is not the case. Despite having the funds, gambling addiction can interrupt or even damage your life in very meaningful ways.

Ray Romano - Gambling Addiction

Ray Romano hit it big when starring in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond.

But in his most recent TV series, Men of a Certain Age, Romano plays a character named Joe Tranelli who is a gambling addict. Romano drew from his real-life experience of having a gambling addiction. He received treatment through Gamblers Anonymous and was able to break free from his habit.

Gladys Knight - Gambling Addiction

The singer is best known as the “Empress of Soul” and is celebrated by fans all over the world. In her autobiography Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story, she writes about her gambling addiction.

For more than ten years, the singer was addicted to baccarat and sports betting. She mentions how her addiction found its way into her life, although she was able to avoid drugs and alcohol. Her addiction cost her tens of thousands of dollars, and created an unwanted impulse-control issue in her life. After one particular binge that cost her more than $45,000, she felt she had hit rock bottom.

Knight also turned to Gamblers Anonymous to help her get away from her addiction.

Michael Phelps - Alcoholism & Gambling Addiction

Many know him as an Olympic star who shone brightly in his swimming career, when he had acquired a total of 28 medals. After finding success, he began to gamble and started frequenting casinos to the point where his friend’s began to express concerns about his addictive behaviour.

Phelps lost millions of dollars while also struggling with alcohol abuse. He was reportedly at a Baltimore casino for over eight hours and was arrested shortly after for driving under the influence. Since then, Phelps has battled with his addiction and has been able to overcome it.

If you or a loved one are experiencing gambling addiction or pathological gambling, remember you are not alone. There are resources to help you conquer your addiction.

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