Canada’s Provincial Flowers

We are pleased to put together this compilation of provincial flower photography sent in by members of the Share Lawyers community. We asked our Facebook followers to submit original photos of their provincial flowers and we received submissions from six provinces! If you have images of the provincial flowers from Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, PEI, Northwest Territories, or Yukon, please share them with us and we will add them to our blog.

British Columbia’s Dogwood - Photo Courtesy of Rick Gman
Rick, we are so appreciative of your photo of the British Columbia Dogwood. What a gorgeous flowering tree. The bark of this flowering tree is smooth and grey, while the flowers grow in clusters of 20-40 around a few leaves. This wood has sometimes been used to make piano keys!

Alberta’s Wild Rose - Photo courtesy of Shawna Kelly Sharpe
Matshona Dhliwayo said that “A rose does not answer its enemies with words, but with beauty,” and that can definitely be said of this flower, thanks to the lovely picture sent in by Shawna. While this looks like it could be a flower on its own, it’s actually a shrub. The flower itself smells amazing and is a lovely pink colour with yellow accents.

Saskatchewan’s Western Red Lily - Photo courtesy of Yolanda Yobb and Ross Carter
Yolanda and Ross sent in these gorgeous orange flowers. The Western Red Lilies are not only beautiful, but the bulbs are also edible! They flower in June, July, and August and are a beautiful vibrant colour in the Saskatchewan landscape.

Manitoba’s Prairie Crocus - Photo courtesy of Yolanda Yobb and Ross Carter
Yolanda and Ross also sent this gorgeous picture of Manitoba’s provincial flower, the Prairie Crocus. These flowers can handle windy and dry landscapes and grow all across the prairies. Don’t eat this flower - it can be poisonous!

Ontario’s Trillium - Photo courtesy of Amanda Masters
There are actually five native trillium flowers, but the most common is the white trillium, pictured above by Amanda. This flower is special with its unique three petals and is quite fragile.

New Brunswick’s Purple Violet - Photo Courtesy of Heather Brown
These beautiful purple violet flowers are made even more beautiful by this photo taken by Heather Brown. Wow. These flowers are also used in jams and they can be an amazing medicine. The properties of these flowers can help with a bad cough. These flowers thrive in wet landscapes.

We’d love to hear about the flowers you love in Canada - whether they are provincial flowers or not! The Share Lawyers team is proud to be Canadian and we look forward to celebrating our Canadian landscape, whether the season is spring, summer, fall, or winter.

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