Apps That Help Manage Pain and Disability

So much of what we do these days, from paying bills to making plans with friends and family, is done online. This is why it should come as no surprise that advances in our technology, such as apps, include ways to make life easier for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Many of Share Lawyers clients manage their symptoms using apps on their smartphones. These help manage ongoing symptoms and communicate with medical professionals. Here are some apps to try to ease the challenges of health-related setbacks.


For those suffering from chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, this app is a must-have. It’s useful not only for tracking your pain, but for fostering a community of people with similar symptoms.

The diary function of the app allows users to chronicle not only when they feel pain (ie. what time of day, what day of the week) but where on their body the pain is located. It also allows you to describe the pain (ie. stinging, electrifying, cold, etc.) and explain its emotional impact. Did the pain make trigger your anxiety or stress? Did it intensify or fade out over time? This gives users a detailed chart of the different pain they experience and makes them aware of what pain they might anticipate as the day progresses.

But the most popular feature is the community CatchMyPain has developed. Users all over the world share their experience and relate to others who experience similar symptoms, allowing them to share ways they’ve managed their pain.

BG Monitor

There are countless apps to manage diabetes, but BG Monitor gets the top marks for its slick interface and insight into your blood glucose levels over time. Users record their insulin dosages, set glucose targets and track their blood sugar levels over time with the data they enter.

Users love the way the app organizes their information using filters similar to hashtags, making reviewing your health data even easier. It also creates reports, which are emailed to users’ physicians so they’re up-to-speed on patients well-being (and when they should be alerted to any issues). The app also gives users reminders to check their insulin, warns users about low blood sugar and protects you against insulin overdose.

Share Lawyers Disability App

The Share Lawyers Disability App was designed to help you track key medical information. Users can organize their medication, schedule doctors appointments (with reminders!), medical expenses and even a pain journal to record when you feel pain so that you can easily relay the information to your doctor.

The app was designed not only for personal use but also legal use as well. In the case of a denied disability claim, (or in the case that you’re worried your claim will be denied) users can also use the app to keep track of all important information related to the case so that it is all in one place when needed.

Mango Health

This is a popular app for anyone who wants to be proactive about their well-being and develop healthy habits. Use this app to do everything from tracking your eating and exercise to recording your weight and medications.

It’s hard enough to keep track of day-to-day routines, which is where the Mango Health app comes in. Created by technology and design-savvy folks, the easy-to-use app has a great interface to track your health. You create your own schedule about what pills you need to take and appointments with your doctor, and the app will send you a gentle reminder to follow through. The app also provides you with detailed information about the drugs you take and any side effects you can anticipate, as well as nudge you to stay hydrated and watch your weight.

The best part? Every time you log an activity, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and charitable donations. It’s a win-win!

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