Addiction and Disability Benefits Denial

John, 50, lives just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he’s employed as a Production Supervisor in the resource space. Although he makes a good living, he suffers from severe depression which has made it difficult for him to function. Overwhelmed and unable to deal with his depression, John has resorted to drinking alcohol at work to get through the day. He keeps telling himself he needs to seek professional help instead of making the situation worse by drinking, but his shame has prevented him from making the right decision.

One day at work, John’s supervisor caught him sipping from a liquor flask and confronted him. He insisted John stop working and seek help immediately. John was so grateful that he wasn’t fired, he immediately went home and made an appointment with a psychologist. The psychologist was kind and sympathetic and suggested an inpatient rehab program. John also applied for and received short term disability benefits from his workplace. He was relieved to finally be able to focus on getting better instead of worrying about work.

Unfortunately, the waiting list to be approved for the rehab program was long which meant John would have to wait several months before he could start the program. He applied for long term disability benefits and was devastated when his disability claim was denied. His insurance company told him that he must actively be attending the rehab program in order to qualify for long term disability benefits. They insisted that in the meantime, he was more than capable of returning to work. Feeling hopeless, John sought the advice of a long term disability lawyer at Share Lawyers after he saw them in a Facebook ad.

Rehabilitation Programs and Access

Participation in a rehabilitation program or staying in a rehabilitation facility is something many insurance companies require in order for applicants to qualify for disability benefits. Unfortunately, rehab programs have waiting lists ranging from a few months to a year. Finding a rehab program can be even more difficult for those who live in rural areas.

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Even if someone suffering from addiction demonstrates their desire to be enrolled in rehab and their doctor has recommended it, they often cannot get access to the program quickly enough. When an insurance company reviews a disability benefits claim for addiction and the applicant isn’t already in rehab, it can often result in an automatic denial.

Share Lawyers Is Here To Help

Here at Share Lawyers, we represent a large number of clients who have addictions and have been denied benefits under either a group disability insurance policy or a private policy. These cases are usually heavily dependent on obtaining the necessary medical evidence to prove the disability in a way contemplated by the policy in question. Most policies contain time limits that can be difficult to interpret and so as soon as your claim for disability benefits has been denied, we would encourage you to contact our long term disability lawyers to discuss your long term disability benefits case to see if we can be of assistance to you and your family

If you have had your claim for long-term disability denied, contact the long-term disability insurance lawyers at Share Lawyers. Our experienced team of long-term disability (LTD) lawyers can help. We have recently settled cases against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and many more. We offer free consultations and there are no fees unless we win your case. Find out if you have a disability case.

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