A Mobility Disability Is More Than Just Not Being Able To Get Around

At Share Lawyers we understand that mobility disability issues after an illness or injury can have an effect on more than just your ability to work.

Often when long term disability benefits are denied, it’s on the basis that the person filing is capable of working based on their physical abilities. All too often they do not take into account the emotional and psychological effects of disability and mobility and how that plays a role in one’s capability to work and live.

Those with mobility disabilities can find it challenging to work, but also to complete tasks like cleaning, running errands, child care, self care, and social interactions. Those experiencing a loss of mobility, this change can have a profound social, psychological, and physical consequences.

Social Isolation

A Mobility Disability Is More Than Just Not Being Able To Get Around

Social isolation due to disability is a well documented occurrence. A recent study from Statistics Canada reports that nearly one-fifth (19.1%) of employed adults with a mobility disability indicated that their employer was unaware of their condition(s) due to fears their employer may feel disadvantaged in their place of work. These social stigmas are real an often prevalent in the workplace.

Depression and Anxiety

Mobility Disability | Share Lawyers

Having a mobility disability can be accompanied not just by social isolation, but also chronic pain, decreased or limited income, and stress. This can all result in depression or anxiety, which adds to the emotional stress.

Multiple Disabilities

Mobility Disabilities | Share Lawyers

In Canada, 95.7% of adults with a mobility disability also reported at least one other type of disability - the most prominent being mental health, such as depression and anxiety.

Those experiencing mobility issues and disability aren’t simply dealing with not being able to move around independently or having to rely on an assistive device.

There are many factors to consider when you or your loved one is affected by a mobility issue. We dedicate our time and resources to ensuring those who are unable to work due to their mobility disabilities are able to get the benefits they deserve.

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