6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $20

The holidays are almost here, and that means that gift giving is in full swing. While some people make it easy to figure out what they would like, others are much more difficult to purchase for. And even once you have an idea, it can be difficult to find something within a reasonable price range for that special someone. While it’s important to keep in mind the old (but true!) cliche that it’s the thought that counts, we know that gift giving can be stressful. We’ve asked the Share Lawyers team for some help…and we compiled 6 thoughtful holiday gift ideas that are $20 and under to take some of the stress out of last minute shopping - you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list!


1. A Beautiful New Book: Thoughtful, personal and usually under $20.
2. $20 Worth of Bingo or Lottery Tickets: A fun gift with the potential of winning more, this is the gift that could keep on giving!
3. AThemed Mug: There are beautiful mugs wherever you look - Canadian themed ones for the Patriot, Inspirational Quotations for the dreamers and cute animals to start your day off right!
4. A Delicious Holiday Drink:Whether it's a bottle of wine, a beautiful package of hot chocolate or specialty tea, most people enjoy something special to serve or enjoy at this time of year.
5. A 2016 Calendar: Most malls at this time of year have calendar kiosks. You can get something funny or even educational, where you can learn a new word every day of the year.
6. Board Game or Card Game: Many games are priced for less than $20; Consider something like Uno or Set for something family and friend appropriate!
There are many fun options for everyone on your list, and you’re sure to find them something that they enjoy. However, the real gift is not on how much you spent or what you bought, but the intention behind the gift and the time you spend together. Whatever you give, give it with love, and they are sure to love it!
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