What 3 Questions Does a Disability Insurance Lawyer Ask at a First Meeting?

The initial meeting you have with your disability lawyer is an important step in pursuing your claim. At an initial meeting, there are certainly more than three questions that an experienced disability lawyer will ask a client, but here are the three key questions they should be asking.

1. Do you have disability insurance?

While the answer to this question may seem rather obvious, it is rarely as straightforward as it seems. Many people who contact Share Lawyers don’t know whether they have disability insurance, and if they do have it they may be unsure about the type of insurance coverage they have.

Here are some important follow-up questions to ask about your coverage.

Is it:

  • Group coverage through your employer?
  • Or a private policy or Individual policy that you purchased on your own?

Other important questions to ask:

  • How long does the coverage last?
  • What amount will the insurance pay if you qualify for the benefits?

2. What illness or impairment is preventing you from being able to work?

This question is among the most important and should be accompanied by several other questions, such as: Is the medical problem obviously disabling? Are your symptoms severe enough that they prevent you from working?Are you currently receiving treatment and are your doctors and health care providers supportive of your disability? How long will your illness continue and when will you be able to return to work?

Knowing the answers to these specific questions is key for an initial meeting. The more information the disability lawyer has, the better.

3. Where and how long have you been working?

If your benefits are available to you through your workplace, how long have you been there and are you unionized? If your benefits were purchased from an insurance agent and should pay you if you cannot do your own occupation, how long have you been working in that occupation and what skills or training do you have?

These three key areas are extremely important to decide whether to pursue your claim. The list is not exhaustive, but if the answers to the above questions all point to pursuing your claim, you should contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer without delay.

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